Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring

Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring

Instant insight into the availability and performance of all your apps, websites, networks and digital services.
We help to achieve complete monitoring for ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting, and to ensure
your digital user experiences are amazing and delightful.
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Monitoring availability and performance at anytime & anywhere

SLA Monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance to meet the Service-Level Agreement.

Instant Alerting

Send alerts when an outage occurs, notifying the operation personnel in real time.


Immediately locate the cause of an outage by snapshot analysis.

Quick Recovery

Confirm restored services and prevent incidents from impacting users.

Website Monitoring

Simulate visitor interaction with your website and apps. Detect, identify and resolve performance issues using multiple synthetic monitoring types from over 200 global monitoring nodes.
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API Monitoring

Monitor simple or highly complex transactions
by checking APIs for uptime, performance and
correctness. Guarantee optimum API performance
for your business.
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Transaction Monitoring

Simulate and record multi-step user interactions to make sure your web and mobile pages work properly for all your customers.

Global Node Network

Monitor your application from 200+ worldwide locations or within your network.